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“The One Thing That Will Make or Break Your Family Life”

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Sounds a little over dramatic, doesn’t it?

But it’s true. The dynamics of how we prioritize our relationships in our family is one of the most important factors in setting yourself, your spouse, and your kids up for success in life.

Especially for busy parents who can sometimes be plagued with GUILT and who end up putting things in the order – it can be very detrimental to your family.

Find out what you can do to build a successful system in your family…

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“Wife Tip #457: How To Deal With Your Husband When He’s A Suckin’ Screw Up”

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When your husband screws up or is letting you down pretty consistently in an area, the general rule is to not beat him up about it (as much as you want to, I know).

Confront him, discuss how things can change for the better, be generous with your forgiveness and explain how you plan to support him as he matures and grows. Don’t let him off the hook or enable a weakness of his or a victim mentality. But don’t light your hair on fire either.

Here’s why: good guys who make mistakes or are weak in areas as husbands or dads know it too well, and are usually dealing with guilt and shame about it already. If you attack him, he’ll shut down, and that will never help him grow and change. So be redemptive in your correction, loving in your stance for righteousness, and very liberal in your expression of support and faith in him. Let him know how his behavior negatively effects you (and/or the kids), but do your best to communicate that as a fact that has the potential to change, not as a reality that he will never grow out of.

You’re partners, not enemies. The speed of his growth and maturity in many ways is directly proportionate to how you deal with his failures.

It’s best for everyone if you can deal with them with grace.

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“What To Do When Your Child Has An Emotional Freak Out”

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Holy smokes, my child is losing it!

Check out this video to learn the first thing you need to do to avoid making an already difficult situation with your emotional child even worse. This one key will empower you as a parent with confidence and direction so you’ll know exactly what to do when life hits the fan in your young child’s heart so you can help them navigate through the crisis.

I use this almost every day with my five kids and I can tell you it has saved me (and my child) from headaches, heartaches, and confusion.

Life is tough.

Here’s how to handle it when it sucker punches your child.

You can do it!

All the best,


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“How To Change Your Child’s Attitude Without Ripping Your Hair Out”

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The ability for your child to control their attitude is one of the most important factors in their future success.

But HOW do we help them learn how to do that from the inside out?

Check this vid for practical steps and SHARE it with those who could use the encouragement today:



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“One Big Mistake Parents Make With Their Kids During Halloween”

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If you’re rockin’ Halloween with your kiddos this year, I’d encourage you to prepare for it with one simple rule. You ready for it?

The rule is: MAKE ONE RULE.

It’s that simple. At least one. Just one simple rule that your kids need to follow.

Then, tie the consequences to NOT following that rule to losing a privilege that is related to their CANDY.

I’m trying to make this simple. Here it is again:



Because here’s a huge mistake we make during a special event or occasion like Halloween: we let our kids unleash their inner monster and we pay the price for it.

You know what I’m talking about. I’m all for our kids having fun at parties, get-togethers, or events like trick-or-treating. But we miss a huge opportunity to train them in civility and self-control if we miss the ONE RULE. Am I being too real and practical?

Here are some possible ones you can steal:

1. No eating candy while you’re trick-or-treating. If you do, you won’t be able to eat any candy tomorrow.

2. From all the candy you will get tonight, you will be able to choose your top ten and the rest will be discarded (after, of course, mom and dad and grandma and grandpa have their shot at it ;)).

3. For older kidders: if you are not back home by _________ p.m., you will lose all of your candy.

… fun rules like this. Or whatever.

Whoa, Dean, relax. It’s just Halloween… lighten up and have fun!

Well, obviously you’ve never dealt with five kids and their friends running wild, candy, sugar, costumes (that often times include swords or other weapons), high energy, and lots and lots of darkness surrounding you with large hidden moving vehicles within it.

You know what I’m screamin’?

It’s not about spoiling fun, it’s just about laying down some rules and simply expecting your kids to follow them so that THEY can have fun, YOU can have fun, and everyone can be safe.

And all I’m saying to you is that you’ve got the extremely high level ground when it comes to using your child’s candy as a sting of consequences if they choose to not use self-control or make right choices. Don’t waste that opportunity. Don’t be stripped of your power. Don’t be the victim.

Choose, right now, a rule you think is important and a consequence that is fair, and explain it clearly and lovingly to your child. Then go out and have a blast.

Because even if your kids are dressing up like monsters on the outside, it doesn’t mean you need to let them be monsters on the inside as well.


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“One Thing You Must Do To Develop Your Child’s Self-Image”

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If you don’t understand the dynamics of this one concept, you may be hurting your child’s self-image and their chances for success in life.

It’s really that important!

In this vid I break down the seemingly esoteric concept of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and how we practically show this to our kids in everyday life.

Check it:

Enjoy & SHARE!


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“How To Get Your Kids To Stop Whining So You Can Have Peace In Your Home Again” – Part 2

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Are you ready to END the whining war in your home?

I’m not saying it doesn’t come with hard work, but I can tell you that it isn’t impossible! What if you could just cut down the amount of whining you experience every day by ONE HALF? How amazing would that be?

Well, I can speak from experience and tell you that my wife and I have a TON less whining than we should have in our home – we’ve got five kids – and it’s because we practice these principles every single day.

If you haven’t watched the first part to this 2-Part series, start here. Then check this out:

If you know a friend or family member who could use some help in this area, please SHARE this with them to encourage and equip them.

Go for the Whine-Free Home, my friend!





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“How To Get Your Kids To Stop Whining So You Can Have Peace In Your Home Again” – Part 1

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Is your child’s whining sucking the life out of you?

Not only can it be incessant, frustrating and earth-shatteringly annoying, but what some parents are not aware of is that it is poison to our kids as well!

Whining is emotional laziness.

It is a combination of a lack of self-control and a lack of emotional intelligence – they are simply making a wrong choice. The easy, selfish one. And we can’t let that happen because it is hurting them more than we know.

Check out this vid and start taking back your life today while gaining some practical equipping tools you can use right now with your kids that will empower them for success in life.

And make sure to check out PART 2 that will dive deeper into some of the practical tools we’ve got at our disposal to find success in this area.

Enjoy & SHARE.



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“How To Discipline Your Child WITHOUT Anger… Finally!”

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Would you like to know the simple secret to once and for all banishing ANGER, MANIPULATION, SCREAMING & TEARING OUT YOUR HAIR from your discipline system?

Because this is seriously it.

This takes work, for sure – no one is saying this is easy. But it’s really this SIMPLE.

Check it out and start implementing this stuff in your parenting TODAY.

This one revelation has forever changed the way my wife and I parent and I use it every single day.

If this encourages and empowers you, then make sure to SHARE the video with some family or friends who could use this simple technique in their parenting ASAP.

YOU CAN DO IT. You know this.



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“The Secret Motivation Boost For Doing The Tough Stuff As A Parent”

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Are you tired, depressed, or feeling like giving up as a parent?

Are you struggling with holding the course and following through with discipline? Especially when it seems like nothing’s working!

Well, here’s one extremely PRACTICAL THING I do that helps me break through the despair and frustration.

Because the truth is that if we can’t find the MOTIVATION WITHIN US to be good parents, then all the training and teaching on parenting won’t matter, will it?

Check out this quick vid on the secret I use to motivate me through the tantrums, tiredness and marathon of parenting.



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