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“How To Change Your Child’s Attitude Without Ripping Your Hair Out”

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The ability for your child to control their attitude is one of the most important factors in their future success.

But HOW do we help them learn how to do that from the inside out?

Check this vid for practical steps and SHARE it with those who could use the encouragement today:



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“How To Get Your Kids To Stop Whining So You Can Have Peace In Your Home Again” – Part 2

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Are you ready to END the whining war in your home?

I’m not saying it doesn’t come with hard work, but I can tell you that it isn’t impossible! What if you could just cut down the amount of whining you experience every day by ONE HALF? How amazing would that be?

Well, I can speak from experience and tell you that my wife and I have a TON less whining than we should have in our home – we’ve got five kids – and it’s because we practice these principles every single day.

If you haven’t watched the first part to this 2-Part series, start here. Then check this out:

If you know a friend or family member who could use some help in this area, please SHARE this with them to encourage and equip them.

Go for the Whine-Free Home, my friend!





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“How To Get Your Kids To Stop Whining So You Can Have Peace In Your Home Again” – Part 1

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Is your child’s whining sucking the life out of you?

Not only can it be incessant, frustrating and earth-shatteringly annoying, but what some parents are not aware of is that it is poison to our kids as well!

Whining is emotional laziness.

It is a combination of a lack of self-control and a lack of emotional intelligence – they are simply making a wrong choice. The easy, selfish one. And we can’t let that happen because it is hurting them more than we know.

Check out this vid and start taking back your life today while gaining some practical equipping tools you can use right now with your kids that will empower them for success in life.

And make sure to check out PART 2 that will dive deeper into some of the practical tools we’ve got at our disposal to find success in this area.

Enjoy & SHARE.



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